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OFFERVEST, Inc. is a national real estate investment platform that provides property owners the best way to sell their properties fast and easy. We are a private group of real estate investor partners, with millions of dollars invested in the acquisition of real property assets. Our investor partners and management experience collectively have over 20+ years of real estate investing experience in the residential and commercial space. Our platform was designed to provide property owners with the option to forego the traditional means of selling a property through a REALTOR ® and all the hassles that come with it such as commissions, fees, having to make repairs, waiting for bank and financing, and months on the market before close by selling their property directly to a cash investor.

Our company background and history - we were originally founded in Atlanta, Georgia in the year 2014 , operating under the name Atlanta Cash Offers, LLC. During that period, we successfully bought & closed on numerous properties in the Atlanta Market (valued well over $3M worth) and been responsible for helping many property owners sell their properties fast and responsible for many real estate investors being able to build their investment portfolios. We had always had national aspirations to be able to buy real estate throughout the country, so we decided to accomplish this feat that we needed time to rebrand to a name and platform that would be more nationally relatable - thus OFFERVEST™ was born. This company was founded by Victor E. Bomi, BBA Finance and co-founded by Godwin E. Bomi, BBA Psychology. Our areas of specialty have always been the buying and selling of Single Family - Residential Homes, Land Lots, and Multi-Family Properties. Now we are ready to increase our footprint in our current market of Atlanta, Georgia as well as our newly entered market of the state of California and help a lot of property owners who need to sell their real estate quickly.

Meet The OFFERVEST Management Team

We are a rapidly growing real estate investment firm led by our Chief Executive Officer Victor Bomi. Victor has worked on the executive level of various companies, comes from a finance background having obtained his Bachelors of Business degree in Finance at the University of West Georgia. He has been actively investing in the real estate market since 2012, and has been responsible for the buying and selling of millions of dollars worth of real estate since then. Victor specializes in the acquisition of value-add real estate investment properties in the residential sector. Victor is also involved with various community service initiatives that involve teaching the youth about entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and real estate investing. The great thing about OFFERVEST is that our strength comes from our relationships we have built over the years alongside our network of investor partners and advisors – who have over 20+ years of investing experience in millions of dollars of various phases of real estate – residential, commercial, new construction developments, etc. Together, we are able to pool our resources together to accomplish our mission of taking the stress out of selling real estate and buying properties for all-cash throughout the country.

Victor Bomi

Chief Executive Officer

Godwin Bomi

Acquisition Manager

Amy Oraefo



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2 Brothers Changing The Way Real Estate Is Sold Nationwide

OFFERVEST, Inc. is a national real estate investment platform that provides property owners the best way to sell their properties fast and easy. The company was founded by Victor Bomi, BBA Finance and his brother Godwin Bomi, BBA Psychology.